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Revere Nursery School, located in the community of Kissehman in Accra Ghana, was founded by Daniel Mensah (left) in 1980. Mr. Mensah founded the pre-school as a way to combat future generations of poverty and empower the community’s most valuable asset, the children. Mr. Mensah saw early that many of the children in the community were not attending school because their families could not afford to pay school fees or buy uniforms. Also, seventy-five percent of the adults living in Kissehman are dropouts because of day to day survival is valued much more than education. Mensah saw education as the solution to poverty.

After Mensah’s death, the school was asked to vacate from its’ premises because of land issues. There was no money to either purchase or lease the land. As a result, the school stopped operating for some time . It was during this time that Mr. Mensah’s son Wilberforce Mensah (right) felt compelled to carry on with his father’s dream. Wilberforce was able to raise some money to put up a structure on encroached land to continue his father’s good work and vision of educating the less privileged kids through any effort.

The school was constructed from old wood that doesn't match and is covered by a tin roof. Inside the school are wooden benches which have been patched over and over again to support the kids. The structure is constantly threatened by heavy rains that have destroyed books, supplies and other learning materials. There is currently about forty-five kids fitted into this classroom on a daily basis. The most advanced kids must bear the brunt of the slower and new kids. The school has a wait list of at least 150 children.

There are four teachers and one cook assisting Wilberforce in providing a strong early childhood foundation for the children. Since the school started, over 900 children have graduated to government schools.The school has been operating on the good will of foreigners visiting Accra. These donations have been most beneficial however, they are not enough. The school provides the kids with two meals (mainly rice) a day, books, pencils, school bags, clothing (mainly from donations) and uniforms.

At the very foundation of Nmoa’s vision and mission statement is the commitment to make contributions to impoverished neighborhoods and communities throughout the world.
It has been our experience that contributing to one’s every need, financially, does not help that person. In fact, it can make one dependent and disempowered.
Capacity Building
There are thousands of organizations operating at the grass roots level that understand their communities and the people who live in those communities.
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